Why Responsible Innovation?

A call for responsible innovation on the basis of a diagnosis of 6 current deficits of the global innovation system.

A power point presentation can be downloaded here

PPT on 6 Deficits

  1. Need for governance mechanisms for outcomes of Science, Technology and Innovation
  2. Address market failures in order to deliver on societally desirable innovations
  3. Align Science. Technology and innovation policy with broadly shared public values.
  4. Shift focus from technological potentials to societally desirable objectives
  5. Shift to open scholarship in order to make science better by improved reproduceabilty, efficiency and more responsiveness to societal challenges
  6. Implement anticipatory governance mechanisms in the policy making process by using a combination of Foresight, technology assessment and normative (participatory) design.


A full cycle of open research and scholarship (see figure below) starts with open research, set through the mutual openness of knowledge actors (towards each other) in defining the research agenda following the input of the issue-relevant open knowledge inputs These reflect the phases of the usual research cycle of research agenda setting and the corresponding process of research discovery and analysis. So, the left half of the cycle represents the open research and scholarship inputs, both in terms of knowledge actors and knowledge sources. 

The right half of the cycle represents open research and scholarship outputs, both in terms of knowledge outputs (publication, data, and so on) and actual outputs of coalitions of knowledge actors. These occur as the result of validated output from open review and assessment, equally resulting in effective knowledge coalitions collaborating in outreach and knowledge dissemination. Open knowledge sharing is an element in all stages of the research process, from agenda setting to the dissemination of (validated) knowledge. 

A full cycle of open scholarship

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