Philosophy of Responsible Innovation 2021

Info/Registration on:

 The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW), Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and Wageningen University invite PhD students in philosophy to register for the course “Philosophy of Responsible Innovation” to take place from January 13th – 21st 2021

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Global Prospects and Perspectives on Responsible Research and Innovation

Joint our session at the 4S/EASST virtual conference on Tuesday 18 August 2020, 3pm (Central European Time) (full programme: )

Download Powerpoint on Institutional Change for RRI here:


Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) reflects an innovation paradigm that acknowledges that market innovations do not automatically deliver on sociallly desirable objectives, and requires a broad governance of knowledge coalitions of governmental bodies and industrial and societal actors to address market deficits. The STS community has adopted responsible research and innovation as an important subject matter and have helped to bridge policy makers, practioners of technology assessment, ethicists and economists to work together to advance both theory and practice of responsible innovation as demonstrated by the numerous nationally and internationally funded research and innovation actions in this field
The session will take stock of the global prospects and perspectives on responsible research and innovation in China, Japan, Europe and the United States. It will explore and discuss both specific local challenges and challenges at the global and regional levels. Responsible Innovation will be understood as a new paradigm for innovation which requires institutional changes in the research and innovation system and the public governance of the economy. It also requires the institutionalisation of an ethics of co-responsibility as well as the introduction of new standards and certification processes for products


J. Britt Holbrook, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Individual Presentations:

Institutional Change for Responsible Innovation, Rene von Schomberg

How would a theory of de facto responsible innovation account for pluralitiess in global perspectives? Sally Randles, Manchester Metropolitan University

Responsible Research and Innovation and the classical view of responsibility of scientists: Prospects and Perspectives of RRI in Japan-Yuko Fujigaki University of Tokyo

Towards a paradigm shift in the Innovation Discourse: the epistemic, political and conceptual challenge of Responsible Innovation- Lucien von Schomberg, Wageningen University

RRI in quadruple Helix: how to practices co-responsibility in China’s STI system- Mia Liao, Changsha University of Science and Technology

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No Science with and for Society without Inclusiveness

Inclusiveness underpins the funding programme of Science with and for Society (Swafs) in Horizon 2020. This you can read in the latest Swafs report published on 20 July 2020.

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International Handbook on Responsible Innovation. A Global Resource

International Handbook on Responsible Innovation
A Global Resource – available at:

Also as affordable e-book at Google play(+/_ 35 Euro)and can be found here:

The introduction of the handbook is in open access and can be downloaded at the publisher’s website:

Lets discuss the challenges for further developing and implementing responsible innovation at the upcoming 6 international events see:

Edited by René von Schomberg, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, European Commission, Belgium and Guest Professor ,Technical University Darmstadt, Germany and Jonathan Hankins, The Bassetti Foundation, Italy

The Handbook constitutes a global resource for the fast growing interdisciplinary research and policy communities addressing the challenge of driving innovation towards socially desirable outcomes. This book brings together well-known authors from the US, Europe, Asia and South-Africa who develop conceptual and regional perspectives on responsible innovation as well as exploring the prospects for further implementation of responsible innovation in emerging technological practices ranging from agriculture and medicine, to nanotechnology and robotics. The emphasis is on the socio-economic and normative dimensions of innovation including issues of social risk and sustainability.


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List of EU funded projects on Open Science and Responsible innovation

The list gives an overview with hyperlinks to project-websites and short summaries. The list is limited to projects funded under the SWAFS programme up to 2018

Overview of Projects on Open Science and Responsiblle Research and Innovation1

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Key Note – European Conference on Precision Agriculture (ECPA 2017)


In my address at the ECPA conference, I outlined possible futures of Precision Agriculture which will be determined by issues such as data-ownership and public policies on data-(re) use and data-sharing within the framework of alternatives socio-economic paradigms.


The powerpoint of the Key Note on Responsible Innovation in Precision Agriculture delivered on 17 July in Edinburgh can be downloaded here.
Key Note ECPA Edinburgh 2017

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International Open Science Conference: 20 March 2017 in Berlin

The programme of the Conference is accessible here:

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Key Note On Open Science At 3AM Bucharest 29 September 2016

Here you can download my slides- keynote on Open Science at 3AM conference Bucharest

PowerPoint on Open Science-Altmetrics

Please also check out the informative link of the website of the Annual AM conferences

see AM-conferencesite




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joint  final RRI projects meeting in Brussels 14-15 January 2016

These projects, very much on RRI governance (GREAT, RES-AGORA, RESPONSIBILITY) and  even on RRI’s global potential and dimension (PROGRESS) will have their joint final projects meeting in Brussels.

See the Basetti’s foundations overview on its blog

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Ph.D course on the philosophy of responsible innovation

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) invites PhD students/ ReMa students in philosophy to register for the course “Philosophy of Responsible Innovation” to take place in November and December 2015

Organizing university
Wageningen University; Delft University of Technology
Courses take place at various places on various dates during the Fall of 2015
Application/registration deadline
October 15, 2015
About the topic
This course discusses the main philosophical issues in relation to Responsible Innovation, an emerging concept in the EU context which highlights the relevance of social-ethical issues in research and innovation practices. This emerging concept calls for philosophical reflection on the nature, scope and applicability of responsibility and innovation in innovation practices in general, and the way social-ethical issues can be applied and addressed in specific fields like business, healthcare and energy in particular. Topics that will be covered include the nature of responsibility in responsible innovation, the role of societal values in innovation and value sensitive design, philosophical reflections on the role of knowledge and risk in innovation, constructive technology assessment and governance of responsible innovation, Responsible Innovation in the public sector (healthcare), responsible innovation in the private sector.
Students get to know some of the main positions in relation to philosophical issues in responsible innovation, the main arguments in the relevant debates and insight in the dilemma’s which appear in the practical application of responsible innovation in the public and private sector. Although the focus is on the philosophical and ethical issues raised by responsible innovation, we will also touch upon some more fundamental philosophical issues raised by responsible innovation. This includes issues like:
 The nature of responsibility in light of the unpredictability of the future impact of innovations
 The philosophical assumptions of the innovation paradigm
 The way (responsible) innovations affect experience and praxis
 Value incommensurability, value pluralism and the trade-offs between values in responsible innovation

More info on the Course/registration:

Information on the course

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