Emerging technologies, philosophy and public debate

I am working on then following questions:
How can we drive innovations towards the grand challenges, e.g to address climate change, food security and safety etc.?
What are the impacts of emerging technologies on our lives and our society?
How can we bring technological development under democratic governance?
What does it require for modern societies to become sustainable and what is the role of science and technology?
Science and research is subject to change in the way it is organised and financed. We compete and collaborate at the international level. Science evolves on the basis of sharing knowledge, while at the same time knowledge is being “privatised” in order to compete with whom you depend on in your scientific collaborations.

I am guiding research projects on these issues and publish on it widely.

Specific issues:
What does privacy as fundamental right mean in the context of emerging ICT and security technologies?
Are there specific ethical issues underlying the use of nanotechnologies?
How can public policy take into account an evolving public debate on science and technology?
How can we encourage the responsible development of emerging technologies?

Precision medicine still has to go a long way to get it right and do the right thing:


Responsible innovation in the ICT and securities technologies
Free book pdf on Responsible Innovation in ICT and Security Technologies

Free book pdf on Public Debate on Nanotechnologies

Understanding Public Debate on Nanotechnologies

On the Ethics of Robotics

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