Knowledge Assessment and Foresight

Knowledge Assessment

We still often speak about Science for Policy but in the policy making process, knowledge from various scources are used to justify, evaluate and underpin public policies. How can we assess the quality of the knowledge used? How to cope with normative demands, scientific uncertain claims and political reality at the same time?
Here is a first response.

Free downloadble Pdf on the Ethics of Knowledge Assessment.

Ethics of knowledge Assessment

Foresight- The use of (foresight) knowledge in policy

We worked on an approach to assess the quality of foresight knowledge generated during foresight exercises. Although “foresight knowledge” is a special case, the idea of having a procedure, approach or method available for assessing the quality of knowledge is tempting: foresight knowledge consists out of various sources such as different scientific disciplines, normative visions on the future, planning, and scenario’s. It also receives input from different sectors of society, such as industry, academia and civil society.How can we then assess the quality of knowledge inputs from such diverse sources and its implication for foresight exercises? This working paper is a first attempt to address this subject matter.We realise that this type of work has not been done before, and we hope therefore, that this first attempt will stimulate others to further explore this issue.

Free pdf available:

Scientific Controversies and Decision Making.
How do we achieve at a reasonable (consensus)/ reasonable decision making in the context where ‘Science’ lost its functional authority for Policy?
See available Pdf:

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