Three Open Science Sessions at Brussels conferenceO

Over 700 particpants are lined up to attend a 1,5 day conference in Brussels at the premises of the European Commission to discuss among other topics the issue of how to advance ‘ open science’

For the full programme see:

Conference Programme

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Workshop at JRC-Ispra adresses challenges of quality for Citizen Science/Do It yourselve science

Vladimir Sucha (DG JRC) opened on 16 JUne 2015 a workshop on DIY Science. he underlined the challenges open science and citizen science  will pose for main stream science with it current overemphasis on measuring”excellence” by measuring quantitative outcomes of scientific production. 

information on the workshop can be on:

DIY Science: the challenges of quality

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PACITA on Technology Assessment and parliamentary decision making adopts manifesto on expanding knowledge-based policy making on Science, Technology and Innovation

See website of PACITA


MANIFESTO  adopted by participants of the Berlin conference of
PACITA, 25-27 February 2015

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Special Issue on Responsible Research and Innovation by EUROSCIENTIST

You can read and dowload the special issue of Euroscientist here:
Euroscientist-special issue

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Transforming Innovation Policy, By SPRU director Johan Schot

Excellent article in the Guardian by this scholar :
Opinion- Guardian by Johan Schot

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Special issue of Euroscientist on Research Activism in Europe


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Perspective(s) on Responsible Innovation for SMEs-Conference of KARIM project: 2 October 2014, Brussels

Perspective(s) on Responsible Innovation

Set up to assist SMEs in North West Europe, KARIM has made a significant breakthrough in the innovation landscape by considering ‘responsibility’ from the perspective of those behind it – entrepreneurs and researchers.

Its new guidance book, ‘Responsible Innovation in the context of the KARIM project’, proves there is competitive advantage by innovating using new technology from universities in a way, which considers the impact of innovation on society, groups within it and the environment. Such is the evidence that the EU has invested in KARIM to encourage wider adoption of responsible innovation.

See conference-website/KARIM:
think innovative, grow responsible:Karim conference website

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