Challenging Philosophy: Interdisciplinary problems and disciplinary philosophy

International Conference in Tubingen, Germany: 21 September-23 September

Society faces a number of challenges today that contain a significant philosophical element. But philosophers have been largely trained in disciplinary patterns that make it difficult for them to contribute effectively to real world problems such as science-society relations, environmental problems, and questions of justice and equality.

This conference forms part of a series of continuing efforts to create a community of theory and practice interested in addressing these questions: philosophers able and willing to work with researchers from other fields and in the public and private sectors, scientists and engineers interested in working with philosophers, and science policy researchers and agencies who see the need for greater philosophic awareness regarding their own interdisciplinary pursuits.

About Rene von Schomberg

Dr. Dr.phil. RENE VON SCHOMBERG is a philosopher and a STS specialist. He is currently Guest Professor at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He holds Ph.D's from the University of Twente (NL) (Science and Technology Studies) and J.W.Goethe University in Frankfurt (Philosophy). He has been a European Union Fellow at George Mason University, USA in 2007 and has been with the European Commission since 1998, where he is now leading a team on Open Science. He is author/co-editor of 14 books, and establishing a global resource on Responsible Innovation. In july 2019, the 'International Handbook on Responsible Innovation. A global rescource' was published. The book brings together the work of 60 leading authors from all over the world. He is running a blog:
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