Responsible Innovation at recent conferences (Science in Dialogue & ESOF-July 2012)

Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn at the conference Science in Dialogue -23 April, Odense, Denmark

“After ten years of action at EU level to develop and promote the role of science in society, at least one thing is very clear: we can only find the right answers to the challenges we face by involving as many stakeholders as possible in the research and innovation process. Research and innovation must respond to the needs and ambitions of society, reflect its values, and be responsible”.

Programme and documentation:

“Responsible Research and Innovation is about allocating tasks and roles:
risks should not only be addressed by scientists, normative issues not only
by ethicists, and above all, innovation not only by economists, otherwise we
can forget about being able to address the grand challenges”

Rene von Schomberg at ESOF 2012- Dublin- for full conference programme ESOF- includes 5 Nobel price winners,  see:

James Watson comment on the “What is life” key note lecture of Graig Venter: “I hope something will be left to biologists”  12 July, 2012, Dublin

About Rene von Schomberg

Dr. Dr.phil. RENE VON SCHOMBERG is a philosopher and a STS specialist. He is currently Guest Professor at the Technical University of Darmstadt. He holds Ph.D's from the University of Twente (NL) (Science and Technology Studies) and J.W.Goethe University in Frankfurt (Philosophy). He has been a European Union Fellow at George Mason University, USA in 2007 and has been with the European Commission since 1998, where he is now leading a team on Open Science. He is author/co-editor of 14 books, and establishing a global resource on Responsible Innovation. In july 2019, the 'International Handbook on Responsible Innovation. A global rescource' was published. The book brings together the work of 60 leading authors from all over the world. He is running a blog:
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2 Responses to Responsible Innovation at recent conferences (Science in Dialogue & ESOF-July 2012)

  1. Jerry Ravetz says:

    Hello Rene – I see that you are continuing the great work. Ariane is doing wonderful things, and we should have a very fruitful session. Looking forward to seeing you soon…


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