Technology, ethics and public debate

Emerging technologies, philosophy and public debate
Issues of interest:
how should we deal with technological risks?
what are the impacts of emerging technologies on our lives and our society?
how can we bring technological development under democratic governance?
what doe it require for modern societies to become sustainable?

I am guiding research projects on these issues and publish on it widely

Specific issues
What does privacy as fundamental right mean in the context of emerging ICT and security technologies?
Are there specific ethical issues underlying the use of nanotechnologies?
how can public policy take into account an evolving public debate on science and technology?

Have a look at this paper


About renevonschomberg

Dr. Dr.phil. RENE VON SCHOMBERG is a science and technologies studies specialist and a philosopher. He holds Ph.D's from the University of Twente (NL) (Science and Technology Studies) and J.W.Goethe University in Frankfurt (Philosophy). He has been a European Union Fellow at George Mason University, USA in 2007 and is employed by the European Commission. He is author/co-editor of 14 books. His current major project is to develop ideas and policies to drive innovations towards the grand challenges of our time.
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One Response to Technology, ethics and public debate

  1. Mr WordPress says:

    5 April International meeting on privacy and accountability

    Meeting in Berlin in the “Umweltforum” which gave an old church a new function

    Idea of accountability is “verifiable responsibility” Prof Charles Raab from Edinburgh university gave a detailed account of the concept

    It is far from clear how organizations can implement transparent procedures on data control and processing in place
    One should think of certified procedures authorized by third independent parties ,therefore accountability in terms of stewardship responsibility as Raab suggested is a solution.

    porgramme of the conference


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