Exellent start of Citizen CyberScience conference in London, 20 February 2014

430 people attending and well over a 100 citizen scientist sharing their experience with an engaged audience on dozens of topics covering areas of the world where scientists normally dont come…..
The share scale of operating citizen scientist all over the world allows tackling issues at a global level.
The sole difference with “normal” science: citizen scientist feel they have a stake in the outcome.
programme and more info on:Programme and info on citzen science summit in London

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“Foresight needs to embrace a culture of embeddedness in order to be able to make a change”



USA-European Seminar : Dialogue on International research and innovation policy.

Woodrow Wilson is hosting a seminar on 25 January 2014 inviting a wide range of experts to reflect on cooperation in foresight and research and innovation cooperation between the USA and the EU.

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Entering the zone of innovation uncertainty

Originally posted on Paul4innovating's Blog:

“The future never stays the same as it is in the present”. 

Today we grapple with more uncertainty than ever before. For many of us this is the time of year when planning out the future becomes more ‘top of mind’. These are moments where we have to stop chasing the daily numbers, pushing the immediate projects that are in the pipeline and turn our attention to laying out our future plans. Sadly we often make a poor ‘stab’ at this thinking through process; we don’t get our thinking into the right mental frames.

The problem for management is anything discussing the future enters the ‘zone of uncertainty’ and this ability to often ‘read the tea leaves’ can very much determine the future health and direction of the organization. Ignore these shifts or signals and you are on the path to your own ‘destruction’.

Three Horizons Future never stays the same

Not only should we search…

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Remarkable selfunderstanding of US goverment on NSA oversight

Lisa Monaco ( assistent to the president of homeland security and counterterrorism) writes in US TODAY of 28 October:

” And though we collect the same sort of intelligence as other nations, our intelligence community has more restrictions and oversight, than in any other country in history”

See full article by Lisa Monaco:Obama administration: Surveillance policies under review on USATODAY.com

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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is committed to develop and promote Responsible Innovation

The EPSRC promotes the adoption of a framework of Responsible Innovation. A statement an an outline for a RRI approach is published on the EPSRC’s website.

EPSRC website

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Delivering the public goods in the 21st century. by Robert Madelin

Opinion article in E!Sharp, by Robert Madelin

in the dessert of visionless Europe, this type of thinking on the future of European public service, deserves some more atttention and response.

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Launch of Journal on Responsible Innovation

In February 2014 at the AAAS meeting in Chicago, the Journal ‘Responsible Innovation’ will be launched. The Journal is now soliciting for submissions for the first three issues.
Editor in Chief of Journal is David Guston from Arizona State University. The journal should bring about further collaboration among scholars from the social sciences and humanities and the natural sciences with a view of driving innovations towards societal desirable ends while taking into account issues of risk, ethics and public deliberation.

Press release

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